Aurora-AI has a portfolio of solutions in the Air and Medical Industries.
We are helping improve operations at the Airport, either with front of house passenger processing systems or back end operational improvement software.
Patient Identity is managed in Radio Therapy facilities to improve safety and increase utilisation of these important facilities.
We also have other successful initiatives across multiple market sectors.
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Air Industry

Use case: Face Recognition

Face Recognition

There are hundreds of installations of this AI, verifying millions of passengers each year.

AI applications for the Financial sector

Data Analytics

We have proven the predictive capabilities of AI helping to develop a Digital Twin of the whole airport.

Bag Tag OCR

Our Bag Tag OCR AI solution reads baggage tags text at one of Europe’s premier hub airports.

Use case: X-ray Threat Detection

Threat Detection

Working in collaboration with air industry integrators, we have built an AIs to detect multiple threats.

Medical Industry

Face Recognition

Through our collaboration with Vision RT Ltd, we have applied our IR facial recognition technology
to the innovative SafeRT-ID patient and accessory verification system.

Other Markets

Rota Planning

Aurora is developing a novel approach to deliver automation of schedule creation. Call to get more information.

Threat Detection

Aurora-AI has developed multiple Ais that identify threats. These cover both detection in images or in data streams.

Text Processing

Aurora-AI has built a suite of tools that enable automated processing of documents.