We applied our highly configurable OCR AI to enable accurate reading of the text on baggage labels.
This supports airports in management of baggage handling either to enhance read rates or act as a fully functional backup when systems that rely on barcode reading are compromised.
It supports remote coding to provide data that an operator can confirm.
The Bag Tag OCR helps keep bags moving when other systems stop working.

Key Capabilities

  • The OCR AI can read text at any angle even if parts of the letters are bent or smudged
  • Multiple options are calculated for each character, each with an associated confidence level
  • Options are processed to classify words which are then compared to the flight schedule to generate the most likely matches
  • Linked Airport Codes and Flight Numbers are provided with the option to expose all detections
  • Handles either single image assessment or collections from the same bag which improves read rates even further


  • Aurora-AI Bag Tag AI is deployed as an SDK which is usually integrated by a 3rd party responsible for image collection
  • Available for Windows and Linux, operating on GPU or CPU dependant on the performance requirement