We have a long heritage of delivering world class Face Recognition solutions. We have pioneered the development and use of infrared camera solutions to overcome the issues others face with changes in lighting.
Our infrared facial recognition has been in use at Heathrow and Manchester Airports for over 6 years providing protection for the UK Border. All Domestic travellers have been processed by this system – more than 60 million people. Learn more about the benefits of IR Face Recognition by downloading our White Paper.
Aurora-AI also supplies matching engines for visible light images and cross spectrum comparison for infrared and visible light images. Details of our product range are provided below.

Our face recognition capability and approach is outlined in this video.
Air Industry


Queue Measurement Using Face Recognition

  • Bio-Q uses Face Recognition to measure queue times between entry, way and exit points.
  • People can be captured using cameras that view open areas or at control points.
  • Very high penetration rates are achieved, especially when using our  infrared cameras as they provide consistent results all the time, day or night.


Link Passengers to Divestment Trays

  • Bio-Secure uses Face Recognition to identify passengers as they go through Airport Security.
  • Images are captured as part of the departure processing and compared at the point of Divestment.
  • Messages are sent to enable revised settings on the X-Ray machine or AMD.
AI case study preview: face recognition


Manage Storage and Distribution of Identity Data

  • Bio-Frame is a software framework which supports development of Biometric solutions.
  • Biometric data  can be stored and distributed using a highly flexible and scalable architecture.
  • Communication is fully encrypted.
SDK Facerec


Face Recognition Software Development Kits (SDKs)

  • We supply multiple SDKs to support integrators in development of Face Recognition solutions.
  • Full details can be sent if you make contact.